Friday, 10 July 2009

Afraid by Jack Kilborn

A helicopter has crashed near sage Haven, Wisconsin and firefighters have arrived on the scene to find the pilot and co-pilot dead. They appear to have been decapitated. The five passengers are missing and Josh and Erwin (the fire fighters) worry that they may be wandering injured in the dense forest.

I started this book late at night on June 30, and put it down firmly after reading 2 pages. I knew that this was a book I had to read in one day, that I would not be able to sleep if I wasn't finished. I awoke early the next morning and plunge ahead. I did have to take some breaks during the day to feed the family etc and celebrate Canada Day, but I did finish reading before I crept up to my bed.

Turns out that the missing passengers aren't just anybody, they are secret government 'Red Ops' personnel. These are the most nasty of people that you never want to meet. But what are they doing in Safe Haven?

This book is scary and its clearly meant to be. I didn't run and grab my comfort blanket or a cuddly, but I knew that my dog with nearby and that hubby would be home at some wee hour after his fireworks show. I didn't want to put this down. I had to know how a soon to be retired Sheriff Arnold Streng was going to stop these killers. And how did waitress Fran Stauffer and her son Duncan fit into all of this? And more to the point, who is Warren?

This was edge of the seat reading. The events and their descriptions were just one word away from being terrifying. I can't tell you anything else without revealing more of the plot. I can only warn you to be sure to read it in a safe location and definitely not on a stormy night.

Jack Kilborn is a pen name for JA Konrath author of the Lt. Jack Daniels thrillers. Be sure to visit his website for a peek at his free novella "Serial" written with Blake Crouch.

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Marie said...

Great review. I've added a link to my review that points to yours.

I'm glad you enjoyed this book. Enjoy the rest of your summer reading. Hope they aren't all this scary. ;)