Saturday, 18 July 2009

Dead Until Dark: a Sookie Stackhouse Novel by Charlaine Harris

I've finished my first novel for this challenge. Borrowed it from the library.

Sookie is a waitress in a bar in a small town in Louisiana. Not much happens there, that is until Bill, a vampire, arrives in town. Sookie is attracted to him immediately. She can't read him, can't get any vibes off him and for her, that's amazing, you see, Sookie can read minds and always has been able to.

I don't know how a vampire who is almost 140 years old can walk into a deadly trap, but Bill does just that and Sookie is compelled to come to his rescue. It was at this point that I became hooked on this book. Between Sookie, her brother Jason, Bill, and her boss Sam, we are provided with a wonderful set of characters that promise to take us through many odd adventures and crisis. I can't wait to read more. In fact I have asked my hubby to buy me the 7 part boxed set. Daughter has already said that she is claiming them after I'm finished.
I am left wondering whether Sookie's wonderful grandmother will show up in future books as a ghost? Anything is possible when considering the talents of the above mentioned characters.
I thought that human society could be tough to figure out at times, but Vampire society seems much more complicated. I didn't imagine that they would have conferences and committees and all such. Who knew.
It's not too late to join in this fun reading challenge. You can visit Beth Fish Reads and sign up for the Sookie Stackhouse Challenge.


Fiona said...

How old is your daughter?

My 11 year old is a Twilight fanatic, but I have banned her from reading Sookie.

She is very mature, I simply explained that there was too much sex and murder, and she agreed!

Besides, she's not interested in vampires unless they sparkle!

Fiona :)

hoodie said...

If you whip through the entire set very quickly and need a Sookie fix, check out the HBO series True Blood. It is loosely based on the books. Season one is the first book with a few embellishments. Very entertaining and very not child friendly. Mature themes, nudity, sexuality, etc.
The Jason Stackhouse is yummy! :o)