Saturday, 4 July 2009

Summer Reading Prospects

Summer reading time. I have a bunch lined up already and expect to add more over the next few weeks. Have a Bookcrossing meeting next week and usually come home with a few.
I finished "Afraid" by Jack Kilborn yesterday and will post a review in the next few days. Also finished "Map Addict" by Mike Parker and was writing that this evening, though it needs work.
I am also listening to "The Gargoyle" by Andrew Davidson.
I did view a Nova program the other evening that looked at the Musicophilia book by Oliver Sacks and I realized that I had read his earlier book "Island of the Colourblind" and had really enjoyed it.
Be sure to check back for my progress on this stack of books. Let me know what you're planning to read this summer as I am always curious to learn what others are reading.


(M)ary said...

Currently, I am reading The Miracle at Speedy Motors by Alexander McCall Smith and Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson (which I have been readng on and off for a few years now)!

I have a few old paperback books from the 1950's which I will use as filler. I can usually read them in one or two nights when I want something less thought provoking.

I am also reading a non-fiction book called The Looniness of a Long Distance Runner which is about a non-runner who trains to be in the NY Marathon. The title is a take off on a novella called the Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner which I also plan to read.

Heather said...

I read Quicksilver a few years back. I took me ages, but I really enjoyed it. I don't know if I'll read more in that series, they are such big books. I will have to check out that running book. even its title appeals to me. I did read "Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner" while I was volunteering at a week of running races a few years back. Loved it. You might also want to check out "What I talk about when I talk about Running" by Haruki Murakami.