Monday, 27 July 2009

A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff

Her best friend has died, she's broken her engagement, and now Phoebe Swift has opened a vintage clothing shop.
Shortly before her shop opens, she is interviewed by Dan for the newspaper 'The Black & Green'. He is an interesting fellow, though Phoebe notes that he has a rather poor sense of colour for a man writing a fashion article.
While attending a textile auction she meets Miles Archant, who is bidding against her for a Madame Gres dress.
A fourth major character to enter the story is Therese Bell, a 79 year old French woman, from Avignon, who calls Phoebe to sell her some of her own vintage clothing.
These 4 characters: Phoebe, Dan, Miles and Mrs. Bell form the basis of the story. I loved learning their personal histories, particularly that of Mrs. Bell and her little blue coat.
Dan's odd sense of colour endeared him to me further. To me it spoke wonderful volumes about his honesty and goodness. Each time Phoebe went to visit Mrs. Bell, I wanted to run and make tea and hug the book to me so that I could feel as though I was part of their conversation. Having lost my best friend a while back, I desperately wanted something good to come from their friendship.
I loved this book. Phoebe's loss of Emma was heart rending, but her finding solace in her new business and new friends rang true with me as was her continuing avoidance of her ex-fiance Guy. Isabel Wolff has written a lovely book that will appeal to a wide range of women and their best friends.

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The Book Chick said...

Great review, Heather! (And thank-you for linking to my review as well!) This WAS a great book, highly enjoyable, as well as easy to get lost in. There were parts that I found too over-the-top, but I loved the ending :)