Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Needlework Tuesday

Will I surprise you all if I tell you that I have started on a new scarf?

Well, I did. This is going to be another very colourful one. I am using more of the small ball of bits and pieces that I used for my daughter's scarf that I showed you last week. Difference is that there are 70 stitches, using 5mm 40cm long round needle. Every 10 rows I switch yarns. So 10 rows of the colourful stuff and then 10 rows off one solid ball.

Most of the yarn is worsted weight.

I am trying to knit 20 rows a day. Don't know how long I want this scarf to be, but as its rather bulky in my mind that means it has to be longer. And this one will have fringe on the end. Since its a tube, the fringe will serve to keep the ends closed.

Its going to be a nice snugly scarf for someone in the family...

I hope to get back to some sewing this week. Its been ages since I have put any blocks together. All I've done lately is a wee bit of mending and that's not really satisfying.

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Felicity Grace Terry said...

How I wish I had learnt to knit - my mam is such a wonderful knitter but unfortunately I never learnt, too busy with my nose in a book I expect.