Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Needlework Tuesday

On Sunday hubby and I took the dog for a good long walk. He had too much boundless energy. While walking at the Woolwich Reservoir in Floradale I cam across some apples trees in the remnants of an abandoned orchard. Hubby said the apples were a bit tart, but still good eating.

The day prior I attended the knitting show hosted by the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters Guild. Excellent vendors mall. Lots of fancy yarns/wools/silks for sale by individual ball as well as kits.

I was quite impressed by Toronto designer Iwona from the knit cafe. I had been searching for a pattern to make a unique scarf for my 15 year old son. When I saw this pattern I knew it would be perfect. As I brought the pattern to the cash, I found out that the designer was there, so I asked if she would autograph the pattern. You can see her signature and a sketch of a snail along the right hand side.

I am knitting the background mesh in black and will do the strips in white and red.
I started in the mesh today and have about 8 inches done. Its pinned on a piece of yellow so you can see better.

The final picture shows the scarf I told you about last week. Its knit as a tube so all the knotted ends are on the inside. At present it's about 5 ft long, so probably needs 2 more feet. It's really thick. It will have a very colourful fringe to hold the tube closed.


BevE said...

Love the scarf - I tried knitting but gave up finally. Maybe someday I'll give it another try : D

Dorte H said...

Ah, I love the picture of those apples (I don´t really like to eat appels, but ´live´ apples on trees always look so gorgeous).