Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Needlework Tuesday

I have been stitching away this past week. Mostly on the knitting needles, though I did get to my machine once, that was to mend a bed sheet. I had been sitting there for a few weeks and I couldn't face it there any longer. It took all of 5 minutes once I sat down and now it's folded again and back in the closet.

I finished the knitting on that very colourful tube scarf. Now it needs its fringe and then you see a pic.

Good progress on my son's scarf I showed you last week. Its over 2 feet long now and the stitching is going better. Much more used to the knitting 3 stitches together and the continual casting on of stitches in the next row.

I was visiting Anya at Hills Creek Quilter last week and admiring her blocks for her 'Dear Jane' Quilt. If you don't know the story of the Dear Jane Quilt, then please visit the website. I had commented to her that I had bought the book many years ago, but that I hadn't sewn a stitch. She commented back to me that it starts with just one block. Well, that sounded like a challenge. So I pulled my book out and pondered fabrics and colour choices. I could have gone with 1930's fabrics, of which I have tons, or started with Civil War which I would have to buy, but I think I will use oranges, my eternal favourite. I want to use an unbleached muslin type for the background. Once I buy this I will get started. This will be a long term project, but which of my quilts isn't.

Hopefully I'll have a block to show you next Tuesday. Let me know if you are working on the 'Dear Jane' quilt. I'd love to see pictures.

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