Friday, 11 September 2009

No Mad by Sam Moffie

Aaron Abrams has just spoken with his agent and has heard the best news a writer could hear. He rushes home to share it with his wife only to find her in flagrante delicto with his dear brother.
Distraught, Aaron grabs some basis supplies and his dog and drives off. After consulting with his agent, he sets off cross country to interview his college classmates for 'Yearbook', his next novel.
I loved the premise of this book. While I have lost touch with most of my University classmates, I can't help but occasionally wonder what they're doing.
Is it co-incidence or something more, that Aaron often hears songs that are appropriate to what he is thinking or experiencing at that given moment. Frequently during conversation with my children I have been known to break out in song that compliments the moment. There are approximately 45 song moments throughout the novel and I was pleased to find that I could recall and imagine most of them. The music is playing now, but Aaron recalls it from his past experiences. He realizes that his present life and his future is founded on his past, his history.
I enjoyed meeting his kids and getting to know them through his calls to them while he was travelling. I didn't want his journey to end as I wanted to meet more of his classmates and find out what they had done in college and how that had led to what they were doing in the present. I was getting caught up in Aaron's book and at one point found myself thinking that I couldn't wait for it to be pusblished so that I could read it.
This is definitely a fun book with the musical trip along memory lane, but also a moving story of a father and his relationship with his children. I was thinking that it would be amazing to have a CD with all the songs that Aaron mentions. Thanks to author Sam Moffie for this wonderful trip.
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Jill said...

This sounds like a fun book. I love when there is a "soundtrack" to a novel!

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Thanks for that review. Yes, I'm also well known for having a song for every occassion - I just wish I had a decent voice to sing them with.