Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Needlework Tuesday

Somehow I did find time to work on my version of the 'Dear Jane' Quilt. I didn't think I would get much done as I have started to move into the more finicky blocks. Much narrower strips of fabric, 1 inch, than I am used to working with.

The first picture shows L-7 Town Square. Quite an appropriate title in my opinion. The centre motif was straight forward. I used full orange squares and stitched a line corner to corner and flipped it back and pressed. I did trim away the underlying layers. View Tropical Screamer's Version.

L-4 St. George's Cross, was a bit more fussy. Those white strips were cut 1 inch and I sewed them to that neat almost orange fabric. I then trimmed them down to size before assembly in 9 patch fashion.

K-3 Seven Sisters. All the pieces were cut 1 inch strips or squares. Rather fiddly but it did work out well. The final outer border of white I cut wider and then trimmed to size. Just a note, after final pressing I put a square ruler over the block and let it cool completely. Once it has cooled it relaxes to proper size. It is only then that I trim. Never trim while warm. The pressing may stretch the fabric a bit, but once it is cool it will have contracted back to proper size. (this is my experience, if you don't agree with me, that's fine).

H-10 Ben's Bowtie. Nice looking block. I did all the triangle bits over sized and then trimmed to the correct measure. The size turned out almost perfect. Again, a 9 patch with a 4 patch in the middle. Yippee. View Tropical Screamer's Version.

I didn't really knit this week, rather I finished ends. This scarf was knit a few months ago but all the ends were waiting to be worked it. I couldn't procrastinate any longer, I needed to clear off that table so I could dust. It is made with two yarns from Paletteyarn.com. This is called Series 011b/219. I used 3 balls of the pink and 1 ball of the beige/brown. Little bits of a different type were used for the stripes between the colours. This is a 100% wool.
I didn't pay much attention to my pattern once I got going, so when I reached the end I forgot that I wanted the squared off end and knit to a point. oops. The left side is squared off and the right is pointed. oh well, not getting changed now.
I did start working on the bird quilt again. I am getting the tiny holly berries ready to applique on the holly leaves that I started months ago. The berries are approximately 11mm across. Too tiny but they will look good, so I will preserver. Pictures next Tuesday.
back to my stitching and reading.


Anya said...

I love the fabrics you're using for the DJ quilt.

Heather said...

I have been collecting orange fabrics for several years. I am most fortunate to have a couple of friend who seem to think it's fun to buy the most outrageous orange fabrics to challenge whether I will actually find a quilt to use it in. I am going to use them all in this one. I plan not to repeat until I have used them all once.

Diana LaMarre said...

Your DJ is going to be gorgeous with all those orange fabrics! I am an orange lover.
I can't wait to see your bird quilt with all those tiny little berries. I can't imagine doing all of those, but I know it will look fabulous.

Jenny Girl said...

your quilt squares are very pretty. I love the colors.
I also knit and hate to weave in the ends, but it feels good when a project is finally finished.
good job :)