Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Cure: The Blood Tapestry by Susan Phelan

Vampire erotica!
I was sent this book by a friend who has also joined the Canadian Book Challenge.
This is the first book by Edmonton author Susan Phelan. She has written two addtional vampire novels.
This is the erotically charger story of good vampire Valian who wants to regain his mortality. There is also Jack, the bad vampire who has been seeking Valian for ages and wants to destroy him. Then there is Dr. Chancella Tremaine who stands between them. She has been researching the vampire myth for several years and thinks she has found a way to bring vampire back from the dead.
She is scared of Valian, yet at the same time very attracted to him.
While I won`t quite call the attraction between them explosive, it did raise my heartbeat and certainly kept me turning the pages.
The only thing that lost me was a sexy vampire who can`t perform completely. As my son would say, you gotta go big or go home. In my image of a vampire, he`s got to go big. My daughter asked to read the book when I was done, but not appropriate in any way for a teen reader, but I won`t hesitate to lend it to a friend or two.
Thanks so much for the `fun` Canadian read.
If romance appeals to you, check out the publisher Cerridwen Press. There are several free short stories that you can download.


Hunter said...

I love your book reviews and the variety of books that you read.

Today I found a book I can set free into the world for Book Crossing. As soon as I perk up a little I'll send it on its way. I always let mine go at the entrance to my favorite beach. Usually they disappear in a couple of hours.

Best regards,

Felicity Grace Terry said...

You certainly read a wide variety of books. I'll have a go at most books but must confess I see the words vampire erotica and think it's probably not for me - even moreso now, having nearly finished my latest read which I think you could include in this category. Narrow-minded of me? Probably.