Friday, 27 November 2009

First Nations/Aboriginal Fridays artist Marion Tuu'luq

I borrowed this picture from the MacDonald Stewart Art Centre. Link for this site is at the bottom of the page.

I was looking for an author to feature today and instead came up this wonderful textile artist. Marion Tuu'luq, Inuit 1910-2002. She was born at Back River north west of Baker Lake, Nunavut Territory Canada.

I was struck by her choice of images and the wonderful use of colour. She tried a number of medium including beads, drawing and making large scale wool wall hangings.

I have included a number of links to both biographies, articles and images of some of her work.

An information page from an exhibit in 2004 at the MacDonald Stewart Art Centre in Guelph, Ontario

A brief biography and bibliography of writings about Marion Tuu'luq from the Canadian Women Artists History Initiative, Concordia University

An article from Nunatsiaq Online, Iqaluit Newspaper

Two Serigraph Prints of drawings by Marion Tuu'luq on display at Spirit Wrestler Gallery Vancouver, British Columbia . Thanks to Eric at the Gallery for correcting my impression that these were fabric wall hangings.

To learn about the process of making a Serigraph visit Knottywood Treasures.

A google search of images by Marion Tuu'luq


Unknown said...

The two pieces by Marion Tuu'luq at the Spirit Wrestler Gallery are not wall hangings, but serigraph prints of her drawings.

There is a lovely applique by Baker Lake artist Victoria Mamnguqsualuk though. It's hanging right over my desk at the gallery so I get to enjoy it for a while at least.

Heather said...

Thanks for the info on these works. My mistake, I should have clicked each picture for further details. I am learning so much by researching the First Nations artist/authors an appreciate your assistance.

That is a wonderful piece by Victoria Manguqsualuk. I could easily get lost in looking at it. Love all the bright colours.