Friday, 6 November 2009

First Nations/Aboriginal Fridays: George Copway, Kahgegagahbowh

A few weeks back I wrote about Ojibway write/story teller Kah-ge-ga-gah-bowh/George Copway. While at my library I came across a children's book that is a re-telling of one of his stories. It has the most lovely of pictures.

'Ladder to the Sky' a legend retold by Barbara Juster Esbensen Illustrated by Helen K. Davie

'Ladder to the Sky' is the retelling of 'How the Gift of Healing came to the Ojibway Nation'

It tells the story of how the Ojibway peoples live a healthy and long life with no illness and death. One day jealousy comes into their midst and from that point life is not so idylic. Eventually one person breaks a taboo and the Great Spirit brings illness on the peoples. The Great Spirit also brings the gift of knowledge about the flowers and berries and their healing properties.

The amount of details in these pictures is amazing. Look below the women's feet at the details of the woven mats.

This painting depicts the gift of knowledge of healing with all the fruits and flowers being given to the people.
This is a lovely retelling of the story. It will appeal to both children and adults.
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Felicity Grace Terry said...

What great illustrations. Sounds like a really good read, must see if I can get a copy - niece #2 would find this fascinating as would I.

Hunter said...

What a beautiful book. It must be one of those books that makes happy fingers as well as a happy mind.

Happy reading -and- happy writing.


hoodie said...

Glad to hear you are getting healthier! I was disappointed to have to miss the Remember Run but planning to attend next year's.

Teddy Rose said...

Ladder to the Sky sounds like a wonderful children's book. I just place a hold for it at my library.