Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Needlework Tuesday

Turned out this was a good week for finishing projects. or at least finishing those ones that really didn't need much more work.

First pictures shows our dog Atreyu modelling the scarf that my daughter started last winter. She was knitting it on one of those round looms. One strand of fake fur and one strand of some glittery stuff from a project from many years ago that never got made. She gave up and I decided to finish it for her. The dog kept trying to run away with it each time I put it down, so a very fitting picture.

You've seen this scarf before. It had been waiting for its fringe. Wanting to tidy away all those leftover balls of yarn I grabbed an empty cracker box and started winding the yarn around, when I had enough, I cut one edge and started knotting them on. The scarf if a tube, so the fringe serves to hold it closed.

This pair of socks has sat far too long waiting for me to graft the toes shut. I finally forced my self to do it the other day. One toe is poorly grafted and the other is knit together and bound off in one step. I'll wear them and see if I have a preference. Doesn't bother me that they are different and at least they are now finished. Yippee.
Didn't get to my sewing machine at all. My head is still fuzzy from being sick, I think I have a bit of fever every now and then, so I am not going near my rotary cutter. I've made that mistake before. No progress to report on either the Bird Quilt nor the Dear Jane.


Hunter said...

Great job finishing projects.

I, too, learned to stay away from the rotary cutter if sick or even if I'm distracted.

I love your dog's name, by the way.


Lindsey said...

love that your dog is named Atreyu :) also, super cute socks!

(M)ary said...

what a wonderful doggy picture!! he looks so comfortable and contented...