Saturday, 28 November 2009

Pink Ice by Susanna Carr

I spied this book on the clearance rack of my local store a while back. The audacity of a bright pink cover attracted me and had me wondering if it would be a bunch of fluff or would there be a story somewhere between the covers.

I was pleasantly surprised. There were several stories all linked together.

Lindsay, Sabrina and Nicole are sisters and they get carried away at an auction and spend a fortune to purchase a pair of 5 carat each pink diamond earrings that had belonged to musician Lia Dash. They are each hoping that wearing the diamonds will change their luck in life and in love. The next three short stories feature one of the sisters when it's her turn to wear the earrings for a month. In the final story, the sisters step out of the limelight and a forth woman appears, but you'll have to read to find out her involvement.

Yes, this is erotica, a bit more explicit than in a romance, but maybe not as much as you might expect.

This book is listed on Susanna Carr's website as a romance. She has also written a number termed 'erotica' under the pen name of Jenesi Ash (from Pokemon fame). You can see her complete catalogue at her website.

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Hunter said...

Wow, that is a pink cover.

You're wonderful blog has inspired me to get off my lazy keyboard and get my blog back going again.


I hope you're enjoying the end days of NaNo this year.