Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Finish it Challenge

I know I can't be the only one. Go ahead, admit it. You also have a project that has sat unfinished for way too long. The worst part of it is that it would only take an hour or two to finish, yet for some reason, it still isn't done.
I'll go first and tell you about 2 such projects of mine.
First, a wonderful applique heart sampler that I made several years ago in a year long series of Saturday morning classes.

In the photo you might be able to see where most of the binding has been stitched down, with the exception of about 17 inches. Why did I stop at this point? I haven't the slightest idea. It has sat for at least 2 years with this tiny bit of stitching to be done.
Project 2, I knit a wonderful cabled shawl from a pattern in the East + West, Mission Falls book that I talked about in my blog entry earlier today. The knitting was finished a few years ago and I blocked it and sewed it together. I even made all the funny little twisted tassels. For some reason I never darned in the ends of the wool and I didn't attach these thingies.
My challenge to me is to finish both projects by next Tuesday so I can show you pictures of both.
My challenge to you is to leave me a comment about a needlework project of your own that needs only 1-2 hours to finish, yet has sat languishing for what seems like a million years. Then you have till Monday December 21 to completely finish it, leave me another comment. From those who complete their project I will draw a winner and send a prize (can I send you one of my other un-finished projects???). I want to see photos before and after.


Hunter said...

I probably do have something almost finished Anya. I don't dare stop working on the Sampler blocks again to look, though. ;)

Three cheers for you completing projects. What fun.


Hunter said...

Anya. Heather. I meant Heather in my previous comment.

My brain is still mushed from NaNo. I hope as a fellow mushy you understnad. LOL.

Blushing Darilyn

Heather said...

I should have said that international entries are welcome.

Dorte H said...


No way, but I have a handful of books I feel I should have finished already, plus stories that should have been written (or edited or translated), and what about marking all those essays on my desk.

But good luck to you with your projects.

Heather said...

Unfortunately I am not including those type of projects, nor do those unwritten book reviews count. I have a few of those to complete yet. Perhaps some other contest in the future will take in some of those.

Miri said...

Oh, I wish my unfinished projects only needed another hour or two! But I am working on my Millenium yo-yo quilt-I really don't want to have it around into the next decade!

Looking forward to seeing your progress!