Friday, 4 December 2009

First Nations/Aboriginal Fridays - Pendleton Blankets

I started out with the very best of intentions to write about an author today, but I was distracted by a comments from last weeks entry about artist/author Marion Tuu'luq . I have now corrected my errors.
I browsed further on the site through out the day and came across some wonderful Pendleton blankets. The first:
The Second:

I didn't recall hearing of this type of blanket previously, so had to research them. This Portland, Oregon Company is privately held by the fifth generation of the same family. The blankets are amazing. Click the following link to browse.
Thanks to both the Spirit Wrestler Gallery and Pendleton's for their logos.

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Unknown said...

Oh! Aren't you nice. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed looking around the gallery website. We've done a few projects with Pendleton over the years.

The "Renewal" blanket you mentioned was a fund-raiser to help repair the storm damage to Stanley Park. We were able to donate $10,000 to the Vancouver Park Board from that project.

The "Arctic Ravens" blanket is brand new and was just released this October. The photos don't do the scarlet red of the blanket justice.

Pendleton blankets are machine loomed, but if you do a search for "merino wool" on the gallery site you can see some amazing examples of work from artists we represent such as William White, Evelyn Vanderhoop, Lani Hotch and Cheryl Samuel (who wrote some very instructive weaving books).