Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Haiti Peace Quilts

The plight of the many injured and displaced people in Haiti has been the biggest news story in the past weeks. I was curious whether there is quilting there. The first site I found is called 'Haiti Peace Quilts' and is a program to teach quilting to Haitians and help them learn how to market their works.

The quilt pictured is titled 'L'Arbre de Vie' (Tree of Life) and measure 51 x 51 inches. I borrowed the picture from the gallery section of the website.

There are several updates to the site in recent days. Many of their quilters have survived though though their houses are destroyed. They definitely plan to continue with their efforts and are providing immediate relief as they are able.

You can view many other works on the site as well as arrange to purchase them. The organizers have also set up a program called 'Win-Win' where you purchase a quilt and then use it as the prize in a fund raising raffle. Your group can either keep the proceeds of the raffle or donate them back to Haiti Peace Quilts.

If you want to make a quilt to be sent to Haiti, visit the Mennonite Central Committee website for instructions including sizes.

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Felicity Grace Terry said...

Great to be back, many thanks for all your kind words. I've enjoyed catching up and looking at all that beautiful craft work.