Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Needlework Tuesday

It seems ages since I was here on a Tuesday to present a needlework update.

I finally got to part 5 of the Bernat Knit Along. This is a straight forward lacy pattern of knit 2 together and yarn overs. I have all three colours completed and have printed out part 6 of the pattern. Should be up to date by the end of the week.

The week prior to Christmas I started this lovely red, metallic scarf for my sister. Last time she visited I showed her the gold, metallic scarf that I knit, but the colour was wrong for her. She has lovely red hair and so that's the colour I made for her. I knit 25 stitches on 6 mm needles, using 4 balls of Palette Collection Series 107/219. She is very pleased with this scarf.

This pillow case from batik fabric was made for one of the young people at my fencing club. She is drawing a picture for me in exchange. She does such lovely work and I wanted to encourage her to continue with her art work.

Friends of ours are moving and have been clearing out 'stuff'. She bought me a small bag of fabric and such. There was this crib size quilt top. The upper left corner is embroidered with a little piggie.

You can see him in this photo. The other squares are blank. I don't know if I should finish it as is, or remove that block and put in a blank and machine quilt in a new picture or design on each block. She has a 3 year old daughter who will love the finished project what ever it turns out to be.

She also brought a second project. 26 embroidered alphabet blocks that she had started to set into a quilt. I will be taking this apart and making a new setting though I have no ideas yet. There are a few yards of the floral fabric that I will be using. The blocks are about 6 inches.
I want to finish these two quilts quickly and move back to the others that I was working on earlier. Suggestions for both would be appreciated.
bye for now.


hoodie said...

The Bernat Knit Along is looking good!
I've managed to get some knitting done recently - I'm working on some fiddlehead mittens. Will try and post some pictures soon.

Hunter said...


I'm trying to get one project to post about and you have a stack of beautiful projects.

Great work and what fun projects.