Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Needlework Tuesday

I like weeks when I finish up projects.

First shown are the fingerless mitts I made for my daughter. I finished them over the holidays and yesterday darned in the ends of the yarn. Our dog wouldn't move so he is in the picture. I didn't use the recommend yarn, instead I used Patons Astra that knits up to the same tension. Also its very washable. Pattern for Fingerless Mitts. I didn't need to make any adjustments to the pattern. Will be making more pairs as my son wants t pair in a more suitable colour.

I made this cable knit hat using Bernat Satin. That's the same yarn that I am using for the Knit Along. Its a very soft yarn and suits the cables. You only need one ball of this yarn and there was quite a bit left over, so you could choose the slightly smaller variegated version. This is a free pattern that is found on the ball band or at the website. You might need to join Bernat to access the pattern. Free Bernat Satin cable knit hat pattern.

When i make this hat next I will add 4 more rows in the pattern before starting the decreases for the crown. Be sure to check your tension, if you are even a bit tight, the hat will be too small. I used a 5 1/2 mm needle instead of the 5mm recommended and as you can see, it fits snugly.

I did start the 7th pattern for the Bernat Knit along. This is a cable and twist patten and is taking more concentration. Rather a big step from last week's pattern. It does look really nice. Will have a picture for you next week. Then only one more block variation to go.

I am working on the ABC quilt. Its sitting at my sewing machine and needs on the boarder to be quilted. I think I will have to stitch around each of the embroidered letters so that they show up better. I used Hobbs Polydown batting, which I generally love. Unfortunately this piece of batting was cut smaller than the advertised size. It was supposed to by 81 inches wide but was only 76 inches, which was the exact size of my backing. I had planned to use that extra 5 inch strip in another project. oh darn. I will have to send an email along to Hobbs to let them know about this situation. I plan to finish this in the next day or so and get started on another top that has been sitting too long. I want them both quilted before my quilt guild meeting next monday.

Let me know if you try either of these knitting patterns. Would love to see a pic of the results.


Margot said...

I'm scrolling down your blog after reading your Weekend Cooking. My d-i-l and I are in the middle of taking a glove class so this is our first pair. (I'll probably post pictures in a couple of weeks.) Genevieve would really prefer to wear (and make) the fingerless gloves. Those fingers are so hard! I'm going to share your picture and the pattern with her.

Teddy Rose said...

I love the gloves! Nice detail on them!