Thursday, 28 January 2010

Recipe Thursday - Sausageroni

On the weekend I made one of our favourite meals, Beefaroni, or actually Sausageroni, no beef.

750 grams Italian sausage (5 large sausage)
red pepper
3 cups spagetti sauce
2-3 cups elbow macaroni

This is one of those dishes where you kinda wing it and go with what you like.
Remove the casing from the sausage and brown it in a deep frying pan. (we like the spicy Italian) Remember to drain off the fat.

Add assorted veggies and stir fry for several minutes until soft enough for your liking. You could also add green pepper, zucchini, diced eggplant. Add what you have and what you like. I don't usually add garlic as I feel that the sausage has lots of flavour and the garlic might fight with it.

Meanwhile, add the paste to a large pot of boiling water. Ensure that you use a large pot, as pasta needs to be able to move around in the pot while cooking. You can use the larger amount of pasta if you want to dish to go further. When the pasta is ready, drain and then add to the meat pan. Add in the jar of pasta sauce and stir till warmed through. You can sprinkle with any type of cheese, we tend to like cheddar, but it tastes great without cheese.
Sorry, we were so eager to get eating that I forgot to take a picture of the finished dish.

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Beth F said...

LOL that you didn't get a photo at the end! This looks easy and I like that one can vary it depending on the type of meat and veggies that are in the house. Good midwinter dinner.

Margot said...

I like this dish too but I usually add a can of green beans (drained) to it. I like it because it's so versatile. Sometimes I use ground beef or ground turkey or a mix of whatever ground meat I have on hand. It was always a favorite with our kids when they were young.

caite said...

I make something very similar, but I must say I never tried it with sausage and I love that idea.
I also like to use rigatoni rather than elbows. I think it just hold up to the chunky sauce better

Jill said...

Yum! This sounds like the ultimate comfort's going on my list!