Thursday, 21 January 2010

Sometimes, all you can do is laugh (an snap a picture)

My dog, Atreyu, is seriously food oriented as are many Labs. He also can't resist shredding a box when the opportunity appears. He got in over his head yesterday when he tried to get the last few crumbs out of the Frosted Flakes box. He has a huge head and once he stuck it in the box he couldn't get it out. He just stood there waiting for help to arrive. I just had to make him wait a wee bit longer while I found the camera.
And yes, I did give him the crumbs after I pulled the box off his head. Honestly, I did not stage this photo. Truth is stranger than fiction.


Hunter said...

As a previous owner of two goofball labs, I had to laugh until I cried.

They are the most incredible, loving goofies that have ever walked the planet.

Thank you for sharing this delightful pic. I can hardly wait to show my husband.


Anonymous said...

hahaha I wish i was there to see that! I'm imagining him standing awkwardly waiting for it to be pulled off


Anonymous said...

hehe. I have a picture exactly like that...except it is my cat and a cheeto bag.

Teddy Rose said...

Amazing that you had the camera ready for that one. LOL!

noricum said...

Hee! This happens to remind me of a photo of myself that my dad sent me one birthday... I had gotten stuck in a cupboard as a toddler, and before they helped me out, they ran for the camera. :P

Jill said...

Ha! Thanks for posting this. :-D