Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Contest: What to do with this fabric?

A friend gave me this fabric panel and said to do with it what I wish.  Each bird picture measures approximately 14 1/4 inches.  I have come up with several ideas:

a) make pillow covers (colours don't match anything in my house)
b) make tote bags (colours don't match any of my clothing
c) cut apart the panels, add shashing and a border and make a lap quilt (colours still don't match anything in my house)
d) give the fabric to you and you figure out what to make with it

I am asking my readers what to do!!!  a, b, or c, or perhaps you would prefer to win this panel.  The entrant (who must be a follower) who amuses me the most with their comment will be the winner of the panel. 

So go ahead and be creative when you leave your comment.  International entrant welcome.

Remember to come back for a visit later in the day when I post my Tuesday Needlework update when I will introduce a second little contest.


Anya said...

Dye it in the colors that match your house -- that way you can make something for yourself! (P.S. No need to enter me...I'm just having fun...)

Heather said...

Imagine if I could dye it pink and the birds would turn into Flamingos. Then I'd be in business.

noricum said...

First off, do *you* like the design? Life is too short to spend time on projects you don't like. Throw pillows that don't match the house seem to be the worst idea, since the main purpose of throw pillows is to be decorative (from what I can tell). An alternate idea, but similar to one of your own, is to make reusable grocery shopping bags (they'd probably need a lining to be sturdy enough), or, without a lining, they could be a roll-up bag that you tuck in a coat pocket for those times you buy a few items and unexpectedly need a bag.

Hmmm... depending on absorbency, you could hem them and make them into napkins. (I hate napkins that don't absorb... the cotton should be fine, so it depends on the paint used in the design.)

However, if the design still isn't your thing, it happens to be something my dad would *love* to have around his house... so I'd be happy to make something for him with them. :)

noricum said...

Oh... I forgot to say... thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog! :) (It's been a lot of whining there lately... I'm surprised you found some interesting rambling! ;) )

Heather said...

The idea of napkins is really good. Hadn't thought of that one. But no, i don't really like the fabric. Guess thats why its is still sitting.

I forgot to say that I'll select a winner next tuesday Feb 9 (that would be hubby's birthday).

noricum said...

Your Hubby and I almost share a birthday... mine's the 10th. :)

Yeah, if you're anything like me, you probably have a ton of fun projects either on the go, or waiting in the wings. No sense in wasting fun time, I say! ;)

Karen said...

What to do, what to do! I think you should give it to Noricum. I won a panel during a Shop Hop and have no idea what to do with it.