Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Healing Power of the Quilt Frame

I read a story in my local paper this morning that spoke to me.  It confirmed my belief that by sitting around a quilt frame with a group of your peers/friends/acquaintences/strangers can have a profound effect on your day or even on your life.

Inmates at the women's prison in Kitchener, Ontario have been working together to stitch and then knot comforters for those less fortunate than themselves.  Not only are they doing something good for others, they are helping themselves heal from whatever is broken in their own lives.

My guild will be cutting squares of fabric to donate to the Mennonite Central Committee in the next while.  Perhaps some of them will find their way to these ladies.

Visit the and read the article: Prison program stitches together community

There is a link at the end of the article if you want to find out more details of this program (how to volunteer or to donate supplies).

Here's a link to an earlier article where Mennonites and Muslims have united to create comforters for Haitian Relief.

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Shelley said...

What a unique story Heather. Thanks for sharing!