Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Needlework Tuesday and a Contest

Last week I received a package in the mail from Scott Hansen over at 'Blue Nickel Studios'.  Included were fabrics from a layer cake called Birdie by Me and My sister designs.  Scott designed one of the '100 Blocks' in the magazine and sponsored a contest at his blog when the magazine hit the stands.  There were a few other inspirational items in the envelope including an actual blue nickel.  Thanks Scott.

I promised this week that I would show you block 7 and block 8 from the Bernat Knit Along

The green block (yes, it really is a deep forest green) is filled with lovely cables.  This was the most fun to do.  I love the challenge of blocks like this.  In fact, I think I need to make an actual sweater (oh stop me someone, I don't need to start another new project).
The cream block is number 8 and the final one in the series.  I still have to knit two more of these, one in burgandy and one in the green.  The next update on the Bernat site will be how to stitch the blocks together.  Yippee.

I did get a bunch of sewing in last week as well. Quite a while back I won a pillow kit  from Purrfect Pastimes. ( the pattern is now shown at her new site Cotton Novelty Fabrics) It was supposed to make the front of the pillow and maybe enough for the back.  I really didn't want a pillow, or rather my daughter didn't want a pillow.  So with very careful calculations and cutting I had enough fabric to make 4 -12 inch blocks.  The pattern was designed for paper piecing, but I measured and cut correct size pieces and madeit by regular machine piecing.
My daughter is most pleased with the results.  Has her perfect Halloween colours and it features penguins.  She couldn't ask for more.  Well, she wants it larger.  So my mother is going to add a border and return it to me.  Then I'll add a further border and that should make it large enough for a lap quilt.  I had to manipulate the blocks to get the tiny penguins all in the centre of the blocks.  it looked funny when it was the largers penguins clustered there.
I did those orange corners using the stitch and flip methods and had 64 half square triangle blocks left over.  I trimmed them to 1 3/8th inch squares and put together this miniature block.  It only about 8 inches on a side. Yes, 128 pieces in an 8 inch square. It will be titled 'Halloween Barn' since it's in the log cabin barn raising form.  I think that it needs 2 narrow borders???

Now for the contest part.  I am finished with the pattern and would like to pass it along to another quilter who would enjoy it.   The pages are all there for paper piecing one block.  Also my calculations of cutting size for regular piecing.  Any follower of my blog is eligible to win.  International welcome.  Please note, there is no fabric in the pattern.  I will draw a winner next Tuesday from any comments that are left.


noricum said...

I probably wouldn't make use of this pattern... given my track record of actually getting around to doing the quilting I want to do. ;) I'll stick to just entering the other contest.

Bea said...

Beautiful work. Both the knitting and the quilting. Great finishes.

Threeundertwo said...

Love those blocks! I have knit a cable sweater in the past and it was a lot of fun. Of course that was before kids so I had fewer distractions.

I can't believe you used all those teeny tiny triangles! Very impressive!