Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Needlework Tuesday

I'd like to introduce you all to my mom, Elaine.  She is proudly modelling the new scarf that I made her.  She really doesn't like getting her picture taken, so you have to applaud her for being brave.    I think I made a pretty good guess on yarn colour.  Its the 'Dusty Purple' Vanna's Choice from Lion Brand.  The pattern is one of their free ones called 'Gloria Scarf'.  I am glad I gave this one a try.  It is made of 8 units, but you don't sew them together after knitting, you pick up stitches from one of the side edges.  In the past I grumbled when ever I had to pickup stitches, but this time I was patient and slipped my left hand needle under and existing loop at the very edge and then knit a new stitch.  This turned out so nice and with no lump on the back.  My socks that I knit have a ridge on the inside where I picked up stitches.  I am so happy that I now know the secret.  yippee!!!

I finished another quilt.  (small happy dance).  It is for my friend Karen.  She gave me a couple of boxes of assorted fabrics and I wanted to surprise her with a small quilt.  Well, it kinda grew till it measured 60 x 76 inches.  Batting is Hobbs Polydown.  Nice and fluffy.  The backing is a dark burgandy and blue floral type print.  The pattern is from Quiltville.com and is called 'Bricks and Stepping Stones'.  Very easy to make, lots of 4 patches and then brick size pieces.  You can't tell in the picture, but the quilting is straight lines along the brick sides and then diagonals thru the 4patches.  I can't wait to visit her, she lives out of town in beautiful Stratford, Ontario, home of the world famous Shakespearian Stratford Festival.
I kept working on the 'Wild Blue Yonder' blocks that I talked about last Tuesday.  Then I only had one completed, but now as you can see, I have 5.  Also, today arrived a package of fabric, several of which I ordered specifically for these blocks.  I did make a mistake and order flannel versions of two, so they won't be included.  oops.  Come back next week and I'll feature more of these blocks.

I am working away on my final block for the Bernat Knit Along.  Finally.  When i visited my sister on 'Family Day' I asked her opinion on whether i needed to block the squares to size.  She figures that once I have sewn them together and added the border, they will stretch themselves to the correct size and happily stay that way. 
You can't imagine how happy I am with that plan.  I really didn't want to wet and pin 24 squares.   I plan to have pics of this one next week as well.

You still have a few days to enter my contest to win a pair of Canada Olympic mittens.  The link is found near the top of the left side of the page.

Finished for Friday is hosted by Lit and Laundry.
If you have finished something this week that you want to share, visit there and add the link to your post.  While you are there, check out what others have finished.


sewnut said...

What a cute MAMA!
Your scrappy quilt is great. Quiltville has such wonderful stashbusting schemes.

Susan said...

Your Mother is too cute. Great work on the quilt and her scarf!

Threeundertwo said...

Excellent finishes! I hate picking up stitches too. I wish you could look over my shoulder next time I try.

I love that quilt! There are so many great patterns at that site. This is a great idea for using up scraps.

I'm also enjoying the progress of your blocks. Thanks so much for linking up!

Teddy Elaine Quilts said...

Karen will love that quilt, but then I know how Karen feels about you. Must copy that pattern, it is so nice.