Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Needlework Tuesday

Most of my needlework activity this week has been limited to the 'Wild Blue Yonder' blocks that I started 2 weeks ago.  I had to purchase addtional fabric on saturday as I was still short the dark fabric for two blocks and didn't have enough background.  Well, I didn't like the back ground fabric in the block shown in the upper right hand corner, so had to cut 2 replacement blocks.  will piece 22 blocks, though will only be using 20 in the final quilt.

I have been thinking about the boarder.  I want to finish the pinwheel and 1/4 square blocks that are around the edge and have cut a number of additional triangels for that, though haven't put them up on the wall yet.  Next perhaps.  Any suggestions for border???

Knitting: I have touched my needles but not much accomplished.  I did try and knit and watch the Olympics, but that involved too much ripping back due to missed yarn overs and such.  I should stick to stitching together my blocks for the Bernat Knit along.  The final assembly instructions for the knit border are now posted.

Leave a comment and let me know what you've been working on this past week.


Teddy Elaine Quilts said...

I've been getting ready for a quilt marathon, also finished my BOM. Next I shall work on my postcards for the postcard group.

Stone Meadow One said...

Wow... Your blog is a bit daunting. IT'S SO BIG!!! But I like it. And I would probably like it more if I read anything... Anyway, I read that book you leant me and it was pretty good! Although I rememer why I never bring books to school again. I wouldn't put it down until I finished it! So thanks for lending it to me (I haven't read a new book in SO LONG because I go through them so quickly) so if you have any more books that I could borrow I would love it :)

Heather said...

Hi Ellie.
glad you enjoyed 'Life after Genius'. i will set aside additional books for you.