Friday, 26 February 2010

Wicked Night Games by Kathleen Lawless

While away in Collingwood, Ontario during the New Years holidays, I happened into 'Cover-to-Cover', a used book store at 11 Ontario Street.  It is jam packed, floor to ceiling with thousands of books.  I wanted a Canadian written erotic novel for a friend and shouldn't be surprised that I found it there.   Of course I had to read it first before I could send it along.

The story begins aboard the 'Fantasy Cruise Line' where Cassidy Ferrill is seeking revenge on Sloan Hardt because he broke her heart years ago when they were both much younger.  On this ship any fantasy can be fulfilled. 

Since this is an erotic novel, I'll let you imagine the details.  Yes, much time is spent in bed, but equal time is spent with Cassidy and Sloan getting to know each other as adults.  They learn that the other is no longer the youth they think they still know. 

For me, the best part of the story involved the shelter for young/unwed/needy mothers and children that Cassidy was working to establish.

A fun read, not much depth, but then again this genre doesn't need depth to be entertaining.  Author Kathleen Lawless has several other titles available.  Check her website for details. 

This is my 18th read for the 3rd Canadian Book Challenge.

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Shelley said...

Sounds like a good read for these dreary winter days when I WISH I could be on a romantic cruise!@LOL