Thursday, 11 February 2010

Winner of the Fabric Panels

The winner of the fabric panels is: Noricum.   I liked Karen's comment where she suggested that Noricum should win.  That was a great idea of what I should do with the fabric. 

I really liked Noricum's idea of making napkins.  Will be looking for some panels in a colour that works for me and will make some.

There is no winner of the paper piecing pattern as there were no entrants.

Look in the left margin for the link for my contest to win a pair of really warm Red Canada Olympic mittens.  These are the same ones that our torch bearers have been wearing during the 100 days + that they have been carrying the Olympic torch across Canada.  International entries encouraged.  Over 1 million pairs of these mittens have been sold raising over 4 million dollars to support our athletes.


Roslyn said...

My DH loves these & I have several recipes but haven't tried them I copied yours-maybe I will make them for Valentine's Day tomorrow-maybe!

noricum said...

Thank you!!! :)