Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Bruce Cockburn to Pen his Biography/Memoirs

Last week, I read in my newspaper that Bruce Cockburn is going to write his biography/memoirs.  He has signed a deal with HarperCollins and the book should be available in 2012.  I immediately sent off an email to my contact at HarperCollins and requested to be put on the review list for that book. 

His music, no matter the song, always brings me to tears.  It didn't used to, but that  changed two years ago today.

I waited till today to share this wonderful news with you as Bruce was the favourite musician of my dear departed friend Julie Ann.  She passed away two years ago today. 

I remember  sitting in her tiny apartment, listening to Bruce Cockburn during our first year at university.  At that point, "Wondering Where the Lions Are"  was the song we played again and again.

A few years after completing her jouralism degree at Ryerson College in Toronto, she ended up in her dream job, working with Bruce and his management company.  For  years afterward she had a "magic pass" that would get her and her guests into all of Bruce's concerts and even back stage afterward.  When my son was six weeks old she took him (and us, his parents) to Bruce's pre-Christmas concert at the Stratford Festival Theatre in Stratford, Ontario.  For anyone who's been there, you know they don't admit infants to the theatre.  As Bruce's personal guest, Andrew was escorted in and shown to a lovely box seat.

I know that Julie Ann would be first on the phone to call Bruce, offering him congratulations, and then offering her editorial skills should he be in need of them.  Since she's unable to do so, I will offer them on her behalf.  Congratulation Bruce, well done.

A few years into the university, we began listening to "If I had a Rocket Launcher" each of us drawn to it for our own reasons.


Anonymous said...

Well written, Heather. What a wonderful way to honour and remember our dearest friend Julie Ann and her love of a true Canadian artist. She will always remain in our hearts. Patricia

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this Heather. I have always loved Bruce Cockburn. I was lucky enough to see him at Centennial High School in the '80s. I hope he takes you up on your offer. Definitely a fitting tribute post to your friend Julie Ann.
Stay inspired!

Jordan said...


Thank-you for your "tribute" to Julie, I recently stumbled upon your blog. I remember her as an incredibly patient and caring person who gave so much of herself to everyone around her. I worked with her (VideoFact) when I began directing music videos, in the early 90's and I can still remember her smile & laughter as her spirit shined out like beautiful sunshine in the morning!

This is who she was ... truly an amazing person. Thank-you Julie for all the encouragement you gave me. I will always remember you for being you!

'Jordan K.