Thursday, 8 April 2010

Read, Remember, Recommend: A Reading Journal for Book Lovers by Rachelle Rogers Knight

This is the coolest book journal that I have seen and used.  I received it from Sourcebooks a few weeks ago and started browsing through it right away.  Husband and daughter have also been caught perusing the book lists.  I have spent hours reading the lists of award winning books as well as the lists of recommended reading from various sources.  Beside each book are 4 check boxes where you can indicate whether you own the book, would you recommend it to others, do you want to read or have read the book, and finally whether you want to purchase the book.  Great way to avoid re-purchasing books you've already read.  Most lists also have blank lines so you can note the award winners for the next few years.  There are several blank forms at the back of the section where you can add your own lists.  You can also check Rachelle's website for regular updates to the journal lists as well as tons of other information. I have added a list of the books selected for the 'One Book One Community' program that my city has run each year since 2002.

My favourite lists at present are: The Governor General Awards from Canada, International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and the National Endowment for the Arts - The Big Read.   this is not just a journal for American readers, it contains lists from many countries and regions.

The next section is where you can make notes of books you want to read.  Again, this section has the helpful check boxes found in the first section.

The third section has space to make notes on the book you've read or listened to.  Great idea if you find yourself recommending books to friends or need to check back on a series you started reading earlier.

The next 2 sections are smaller.  Not sure how much I'll use them. One is a list of books you would want to recommend and the other is where you can note the books you have lent out or that you have borrowed from someone else.

There is a great Resource section at the back.  Websites to check, additional awards not listed in the front, and index of authors included in the front section as well as an index of book titles cited in the journal.

I have  have kept several journals over the years, and they are now a mess  of notes, pictures, magazine cut outs and comments of library availability etc.  This new journal is one place to keep all that information.  Everyday for the past weeks, I have picked up this journal and updated information, checked to see if a particular author has won any of the noted awards and for many other reasons.  I have even ordered the teen version for my daughter.  Can't wait to check that one out as well.  I seem to recall that there are other versions in the works (romance, mystery?)

If you don't know which book to purchase for your favourite reader I would highly recommend this journal or the teen version.  Whatever you do, don't leave the book as you find it. Add your own titles, make notes, put in stickers, bookmarks whatever and make it your personal journal.  The one thing I would definitely add is your contact info inside the front cover so that if you accidently lose it, it can be returned to you.

I'll be posting later in the day about a terrific contest that Rachelle has posted on her blog. 

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Thanks to Source Books for sending me this reveiw copy and for the cover photo.


The Book Chick said...

I agree- I have this journal and ADORE it....great review!!!

Bibliobabe said...

Thanks so much Heather for an absolutely wonderful review of my journal! I really appreciate all of your beautiful words.

And...I am working on both the mystery and romance versions...keep our fingers crossed they get published too!

Thanks again!
Rachelle (Bibliobabe)