Thursday, 8 April 2010

Star Afghan progress Row 56

Lots of progress since yesterday.  I had to move from the 32 inch/81 cm long needle (Susan Bates with metal needles) to the 60 inch/150 cm long needle (addi Turbo).  I figure I have over 400 stitches now after starting with a mere 4.

Its a lot of fun working with the different yarns, but some of them are kinda hard to see so I decided that I will use them only on the alternate rows where I am straight knitting, no increases nor decreases.

Now measures about 18 inches from the centre out along one of the points.


Linda said...

Amazing! I love it. Your colours are wonderful.

Linda said...

I know why this pattern appeals to me now. It reminds me of our Citadel in Halifax..