Monday, 26 April 2010

Thank-goodness I am back.

My grammar exam is finished and I have taken the past two days for recovery time.  Lots of family time, some reading, sewing today (which you can read about tomorrow in my Needlework Tuesday post.  Notice that I decided that Needlework Tuesday, being a regular post is akin to a larger body of work ie: a magazine, and thus is gets posted in italics.  If it were the title of just one post from a specific week, then it would get double quotation marks. ie: "I have Finished my Star Afghan" .  If you want to refer to the name of my website, Books and Quilts, it gets italics.
This also works for recipes.  Put the name of the cookbook in italics (or you can underline) and then the name of the recipe would be in double quotation marks.  Isn't this cool stuff.

I don't know how I did on the exam, since it was an online course the paper test has to be mailed to the issuing college, sorted to the correct professor and then marked.  I guess it will be a couple of weeks till I hear.  I'll be sure to post and let you all know and at the same time I'll post a review of the reference book I bought to help me out.

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