Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Needlework Tuesday

I finally have enough done to show.  Each band is 4 rows, two with slipped stitches and two where you knit/purl all the stitches.  The second photo shows where I slipped stitches.

This is the back view. It is a little tough leaving enough slack when I carry the yarn at the back of the slipped stitches, though I do like the little bit of a puffy look when its the slightest bit tight. I'm not getting much time to work on this as I am trying to keep it from hubby. Not sure if he will get it, or son will claim it instead. Either way, I know I am going to like this one.

I'll post regular pictures of my progress on this project.  When i find a link with this knitting stitch, I'll post that as well.

Karen over at Quilts ... etc. was talking about how she transfers her quilting lines to her quilt top.  She showed her light table.  I don't think I have posted a pic of the wonderful light table that hubby made for me a few years back.  Its made from oak and he add shiny brass fittings and a carrying handle.  It has little feet on the bottom and some so that I can also store upright like a briefcase.  It used to have two  florescent lights inside, but they were kind of flakey. This year he upgraded them to 99 LEDs.  They provide a wonderful all over light.  Guess its Light Table 2.0 now

On of my most frequent uses for this light box is making labels.  I print out the label on my computer, using whatever fancy font I want and what ever line drawing.  I then tape it down on the surface of the box, tape my fabric on top and trace with a fabric marker.  I have to say that I make fancy labels in this manner that are a thousand times better than if I wrote them freehand

For next week I need to make an orange/yellow quilt block.  Our local guild president will leave her post and we are having a hard time replacing her.  This happens every year.  One of our program people figured that bribery might help get a volunteer.  So, we are making blocks for the retiring president in colours of her chosing.  She will probably end up with over 30 - 12 inch blocks.  The guild management is hoping that the promise of a set of quilt blocks at the end of the president's term will encourage volunteers for the post.  Guess we'll find out soon. 

Come back next week to see what block I make and how bright of orange I use.


Felicity Grace Terry said...

I love the colours used and how neat is the back of that sample - I do envy you your skill.

Jenny Girl said...

The colors are so vibrant and pretty! Nice job. I agree color work is tough, especially with the carrying. It's hard to get the carry colors just right. Keep up the good work.