Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Flirting with Forever by Gwyn Cready

Time travel, romance, art history and kick ass shoes, what more could I want in my summer reading.  This book has it all.

Art historian Campbell Stratford wants to clinch a major promotion and determines that the best way to do it is to secure a substantial donation to the museum and to publish a tell all book about 17th century Felmish painter  Anthony van Dyck.  In the midst of her research she inadvertantly ends up in the studio of Peter Lely in 1673 London, England.  From this point the story takes all sorts of unexpected twist and turns.  I'm not telling you any more as I don't want to spoil the story line.

I found this book totally enjoyable.  I was absorbed in it from the first pages and read it with hardly a break.  It was fun, light but with enough depth of the main characters to keep them interesting.  The ending was a surprise as I just didn't expect that it could end that way.  I guess if I could suspend reality for time travel to exist, then I should have considered that the ending was also a possibility.

I will definitely be looking for further books by Gwyn Cready.

Thanks to Bostick Communications  for this review copy.

Author Gwyn Cready's website

Photo Credits:
Portrait of  Charles II  by Anthony van Dyck - The National Gallery
Portrait of Moll Davies by Peter Lely - Wikitree
paint brushes from - and protest
artist at easel - Art Room Update
animal print shoes - Clueless Fashionista
book Painted Ladies from Gwyn Cready's website

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Felicity Grace Terry said...

Thanks for the recommendation, I'll be certain to keep an eye out for this author.