Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Needlework Tuesday - Crochet Project Underway

This is my sample motif for the Snowflake afghan that I told you about last week.  Turned out well and even approximately the correct measurements.  I have decided that I am going ahead with this one and have bought new yarn.  Since it is snow flakes, I bought a white for the middle flake part as I didn't think the teal was very realistic.  Next is a series of pictures showing the steps in making the block/unit.

This is the completed motif.  Only one unit is completed as this.  For each successive unit on the outer round they join to the neighbouring unit.  Yeah, this means I don't have to sew them together when all the units are made.  I'll be taking this project camping with me and have an update for you next week.  Hopefully I'll have some joined units and then can show you the filler bits needed between the rows.

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Dorte H said...

Oh, what a beautiful colour scheme!

I decided I was too tired to write tonight, and the fact that I thought your post was about crocheted underwear probably proves my point ;D