Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Needlework Tuesday - Snowflake Afghan

Sorry to miss you last week.  I was busy that day volunteering at a 30k running race.  By the time that was over I was exhausted from being in the heat and humidity.  Even though I didn't run a step, it was still tiring.  The races went all week and I have to admit that I didn't get a stitch done on this project.  The week before I got most of row three added.  I have set in place the sixth motif for that row. 

This project is coming along really well.   I'll have another update for you next week. 

I have also been working at clearing out my sewing room to turn it into a bedroom for my niece who is staying with us for a few months.  Today I found a baby quilt that I didn't even remember starting.  I have gathered together those pieces and plan to finish the top in the next while.  I will probably take it to one of my quilting friends and ask if she'll do the quilting and then she can donate it where she wishes.  She works with a group who do quilts for a children's hospital in British Columbia.  Yes, I will have photos for you.

bye for now.

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Linda said...

Your snowflake afghan is going to be awesome. So pretty!