Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Needlework Tuesday - Why am I not getting anything Done?

Ever have one of those weeks where you start out with the best of intentions, you are going to sew this, knit that and do a few other little items in between.  This was one of those weeks, and I have to admit that I only got one of those little things finished.

I grafted the stitches of one mitten that my niece is knitting.  Twelve little stitches.  Then I cast on the stitches for the next mitten, knit the first two rounds and handed it over to her.  That's it.  No other stitching of any sort.  More items got added to my mending stack and it is now tilting over to cover my sewing machine.  oh yeah.

In the same breath, at least I didn't start any new projects.  I did order yarn for a new circular scarf.  Actually, it was a set of yarn to make three of the scarf.  One for my niece, one for me and one I'll give to my sister, each having to stitch her own.  You'll get pics of this one but not until I have finished something else.

I'd better go now and contemplate plans for actual action for this coming week.
What do you do to get yourself moving when you've hit one of these low grooves?

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