Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Needlework Tuesday - Authors who Quilt

Yesterday evening was our first meeting of the season for the Elmira NeedleSisters Quilt Guild.  We were fortunate to have  Barbara Haworth-Attard (left) and Judy Ann Sadler (right) as our guests.  They are authors, crafters, quilters, and designers.

Both ladies are published authors and that is how they met.  Since then they have worked together designing a variety of quilts and wall hangings.  They share in the designing, though Barbara credits Judy Ann with the writing of the wonderfully clear directions that accompany each pattern.

After listening to these women, even for a short time, it became obvious that they are passionate about what they do, whether it be writing or designing.  Their excitement for their work is contagious.  I won't say that they whipped the audience into a crafting frenzy, but as close as they all could get without having their supplies at hand.

Judy has written twenty craft books, many of which are available through Kids Can Press.

Barbara is the author of at least fourteen novels, , many of which have won a variety of literary awards.  Visit GoodReads for a complete listing of her books.

It was a delight to view in person many of the quilts that these talented ladies have designed.  To actually see and touch a quilt that is featured on the cover of a pattern is a special treat for me. Like many of the other members of my guild, I couldn't resist the lure of seeing these quilts up close and of purchasing a book or pattern.  I decided that since it was guild night and not reading night, I would buy a pattern.  I choose one of the skinnies called "Batty!".  To view their patterns, visit  their website babs 'n' jas designs.

If you want to try one of their newest patterns, then rush out and purchase the Fall 2010 issue of A Needle Pulling Thread.

Photo of Barbara and Judy Ann used with their permission.

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Paulina said...

We have several of Judy Ann Sadler's books from Kids Can Press at home. My kids loved them when they were younger.