Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Needlework Tuesday

Last week I showed the three blocks that I had pieced using the Propeller pattern from Marti Michell.  I worked on making additional blocks quite diligently.  I pressed the blocks and realized that one block was a duplicate.  Search high and low for more oriental fabrics and pieced a tenth block.  Put them on the wall and one stuck out like a sore thumb.  It was too dark.  Another search and luckily found another fabric and pieced block eleven.  (Remember, most of my sewing room is packed in boxes in the basement and not easily searched).  The photo on the left shows the nine acceptable blocks.  The other two will be used to make a small gift bag.

The blocks together measure approximately 18" square.  Needs a narrow dark border and then maybe a 3" print border.  Will have to shop to find fabrics that work.

I did a bit of work on the snowflake afghan and ran out of the variegated blue.  Either I lost a ball somewhere or the pattern is wrong.  I searched all over the house and camper and not an errant ball to be found.  Returned to the shop I bought the yarn, and they have de-listed it and the rest went on clearance and are long gone.  I checked several other shops in the adjoining towns and none of them carried Red Heart Super Saver in variegated.  arg.  I called my sister in London, Ontario and she went to her store and luckily found and bought me two balls.  I'll see her in the next few weeks and will get to work on my project again.  Yippee.  I will weigh the afghan and do the calculations and let you know whether an additional ball is really needed.  This is such a nice pattern that I will probably want to do it again.

The other week I did a post all about coffee and the paraphernalia cluttering my counter that allows me my morning joe. (click the above link if you somehow missed that post)  Surprise, surprise when my monthly shipment of fq's arrived.  Ten coffee prints.

These lovely fabrics are from several different companies including: "Java Beans" from Benartex, Wilmington Prints, and "Cafe Bistro" from Benartex.  Not all my pieces have the printed selvedge.  I received my fabrics from Sew Sisters Quilt shop and the selection is from "The Bargain Lover" club.

I'm sure with 2 1/2 metres of co-ordinated fabrics I'll be able to make a lovely wall hanging or lap quilt.

Join me again next week to read updates of my current projects or any new needle related projects that I may have started.  Leave a comment about your current project or a link to your weekly update.

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Everything is oh so pretty :). Thanks for sharing.
Stay inspired!