Saturday, 18 September 2010

You mean I have to feed them Every Day!

What is it with these family people, they actually expect to be fed every day, in fact three or more times a day.  arg.

Some days I just can't face another trip to the grocery store and determine to cook using whatever I can find in the house.  Thursday was such a day.  I started with the thought of making spagetti.  Ok, no bottled sauce in the house, but I did find a 28oz of can of diced tomatos.  Good start. 

First I diced two small onions and two large cloves of garlic.  Into the frying pan with a tablespoon or two of olive oil.  I then added two diced stalks of celery and a diced up slightly wilted red peper, since it was sitting in the fridge going unused. 
After a few minutes on medium heat the mixture was getting yummy fragrent.

I then added a good measure of Italian style seasonings: basil, oregano, parsley and thyme. Cooked that for a minute and then added the canned tomatos.  A search in the freezer found a contained with about one and half cups of ground tomatos. In that went as well.  After this cooked for a while I took out a cup or so for the vegetarian.  Now was time to add the half bag of meatballs, again from the freezer.  I also found two hot Italian sausages.  After browning them in a frying pan I sliced them thin and added them to the sauce.

The meal was finished up with some slices of garlic bread that I toasted in a small frying pan and a bag of salad.  I chose penne instead of long spagetti as it tends to make less mess of everyone's shirts.

On friday, my nieces, who are visiting from New Zealand, wanted to make 'Canada Cookies'.  That means maple leaves.  I found them a recipe from Better Homes and Gardens, "Sugar Cookie Mittens",  and they did the rest.  I mixed the frosting colours and decided that it would be most fun to go neon, so they are not to blame for that part.  They look great and they taste even better.
Michelle's Cookies

Laura's Cookies

Hope you enjoyed reading about our thrown together meal.  Leave a comment and tell me about your favourite meal to throw together.

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Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Dinner sunded delish and those cookies all look so fun!

Beth F said...

Excellent job on throwing together dinner! I'm very impressed. I need to get some meatballs or sausage in *my* freezer for just this kind of night.

I *love* your cookies so pretty. I bet you all had blast decorating them.

Shelley said...

Oh, you have stated my most hated daily thought---what are we going to eat ! And do I really have to feed them again! LOL!

Used to love cooking but now I find I like quilting much better:)! Your plate looks delicious. Our favorite throw together meal---tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches!

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) said...

Very creative. Sometimes I'll do that with stir fry. As long as I have rice and some kind of veggies and maybe some left over chicken or some tenders we can have a quick meal in the wok.

Cookies are pretty and making me hungry. Dinner time soon!

Margot said...

I loved your opening comments. Some days I feel the same way - what do you mean you want to eat again. Ahh, it seems like I just got making one meal and it's time for another. Your tomato meal looks very good.

Barb said...

You sure are making me hungry!!

Miri said...

Fun cookies!

I love the idea of having bags of meatballs in the freezer...I'm going to try that! Great sauce!

Dorte H said...

I loved the title of your post!

And garlic is such a blessing when you don´t have much else to do with :D

Jen at Introverted Reader said...

Everything looks great! You've reminded me--I need to go beg my aunt for some of her excellent homemade canned spaghetti sauce. Oh my gosh. It's the best sauce I've ever had.

joemmama said...

That meal sounds perfect!! I do that alot, tossing in what I find. 9 times out of 10 it works..the 10th, well the dogs liked it.