Tuesday, 26 October 2010

HIghland Hellcat by Mary Wine

I was having one of those drab days and I didn't really know what to do to lift my mood.  Then I spotted a copy of Highland Hellcat .  I thought to myself that a man in a kilt and a little romance might be just the remedy I needed.

"Come, my beauty, we shall see if we can impress anyone tonight with our skill."

What a leading first line.  Author Mary Wine had my attention.  I was envisioning a darkly handsome highlander whispering those words to a bevy of buxom barmaids.  Not to be, these were the very words of Brina Chattan, soon to be nun, the third daughter of Robert Chattan, Laird of Chattan Castle. As I continued to read I became intrigued by this young woman who had grown up knowing that she was to become a nun and was destined to become the mother superior.  Yes, Brina is a strong willed, and very capable young woman, but what's she doing in a romance.  I kept reading and very quickly the plot started to unveil some unseemly events involving one of her elder sisters. 

From this point on I couldn't read fast enough.  I had an inkling of an impending change in Brina's future, but couldn't guess how it was going to come about.  Then I met Connor Lindsey, Laird of Clan Lindsay, and promised Brina's sister Deirdre in marriage.  I felt a sympathy for Connor from the moment he was introduced.  I was firmly on his side and knew that he would do what ever was required to avenge his honour and that of his clan.  

 Brina and Connor were both characters with strong personalities that would lead to clashes and adventure, perfect for what I needed from this book.  I wasn't disappointed.   There were several unexpected twists and turns in the plot that kept this book from being predictable.  At those points I couldn't figure out how Ms. Wine was going to get the story back on track, but she would add another twist and bound off in yet another direction.  Turned out that this book was the perfect foil to my mood.  If you're like me an you enjoy a good romance involving men in kilts, then Highland Hellcat is a wonderful choice.

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Thank-you to Sourcebook Inc for my review copy.


Shelley said...

Yeah, men in kilts :) definitely up my alley! You have me really wanting to read this one Heather! I love a good Scottish romance!~

Heckety said...

Another book for the Amazon Wish List!! Thank you!