Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Needlework Tuesday - Two Scarves

I know I said I wasn't knitting any more scarves, well, ignore that.  I started two more last week.
Years ago (really over two decades ago) I bought this blue speckled yarn by Papillon.It was a fluffy skein of 250 grams and it was supposed to be enough to knit a pullover sweater.  Great, as a university student, that was about the limit of my spending money for the term.  I happily knit away.  The body, the one sleeve and then the next.  oops, only enough yarn for half of the second sleeve.  I checked my measurements and the tension, perfect.  arg, now what do I do?  I couldn't afford a second kit.  So I unknit and the balls of yarn sat for twenty years. 
I found them when cleaning my sewing room and figured a scarf would be good.  It's not about two feet long and I'll keep going until long enough or I get bored.

My niece started a new scarf this week.  I thought I would join her and use the same pattern.  We could encourage each other.  This one is fingering weight wool.  Mine is being made with some self patterning sock yarn (shown).  She is using a black with the occasional red speckle.  There is a second step, but you'll have to wait a few weeks for that as well as the link to the pattern. 

As a family we went on an outing last week to the Toronto Zoo.  Great place regardless of age.  My niece wanted to get her first glimpse of a polar bear.  At the gift shop I was surprised to find wool for sale.  Turns out it is hand spun camel wool.  What a great orange.  I couldn't pass it up.   One skein is 150-200 yards weighing 5-6 ozs.
I have no idea what I'll make with it, but that doesn't matter.  This wool is being sold as a fund raiser to help support snow leopard conservation activites.  Be sure to visit the Snow Leopard Trust to find out how to help with these conservation efforts and how it helps nomadic herding women and their families.

This wool and other items can be purchased through zoos, museums and wool shops throughout Canada and the United States.  Click here for a list.


Barb said...

Your scarves are lovely!!

Paulina said...

That orange yarn is lovely. I've never knit with camel wool before. Will have to try it one day.