Friday, 3 December 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling

This is the seventh book in the Harry Potter series.  It is the story of now seventeen year old Harry and his quest to fulfil a promise that he made to Headmaster Dumbledore before his death.  It will not be easy, but Harry has the help of his friends Ron and Hermione.

I will assume that many of my readers already know the basics of this tale, so I'll forge ahead to my comments.  There shouldn't be any plot reveals/spoilers, so safe to read if you have yet to read this series or this book.

On the whole, I enjoyed this book.  It has a cast of characters that I have become familiar with.  Hermione is bright and a good student, I can mostly identify with that.  Ron and Harry aren't the best students, but they are friends and act in ways that represent a real friendship.  There are times when they get annoyed with each other and stomp off.  Very real..  My favourite teacher is Professor McGonagall.  She comes across as tough, but really has a soft heart for all the students, even those of Slytherin House.

Mrs. Weasley would be my choice of a neighbour to have tea with on a regular basis.  Unlike her, I do prefer a hands on approach to my knitting. 

A few things do bug me about this story.  Harry's father was a bully.  He took many opportunities to bully Snape.  There is no getting away from that fact. I wonder if he did anything in his life after school to compensate for that. I have no tolerance for bullies. 

Why is it left up to young Harry, time and again, to battle with an adult.  That just doesn't ring true in the world.  How is it that the brightest and most gifted of wizards, including the ever so amazing Dumbledore can't defeat Voldemort.

I was glad to finally hear the full story of Snape.  I was curious about him all the way through, and knew that there was more than we were being told.  The resolution of his story is fitting and works for me.

All in all, I am glad I read the series.  It's possible someday I may re-read, but then there are so many books.  We have a complete set of the books and will be keeping them on the bookshelf for years to come.

As an aside, I have to admit that my university now has a quiditch team.  Yes, muggles running around a field with a broomstick between their legs.  I understand that this is not the only university with a team and they are trying to get the sport sanctioned so that they can have competitions and championships between the universities.


Stone Meadow One said...

I must say, I have played "quiditch" before and find it hilarious that they're trying to make it an official team!

Miri said...

A Quiditch team...hilarious!

I think this was one of my least favorite books in the series...I agree with you about Snape-I loved that part but I thought I'd never get through all that moaning and groaning in the tent!

I just saw the movie last night...I thought it was ok but DS was annoyed-thought it missed the whole point of Harry's character.