Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Needlework Tuesday - Traveller's Boxer Shorts

Those who have been following my blog know that my niece stayed with me for the last half of the year.  We were shopping for fabric one day and I asked if she'd like me to make her some boxer shorts.  My kids both have several pairs from fun fabrics.  My niece decided that it would be cool to buy fabrics that represent her trip.   I was able to get two boxers completed before she left.  This first was from the Mennonite buggy fabric.  A very common sight in this area.  The second fabric features many of the views she hopes to see as she visits in the United States.
It was really a tough choice for her to purchase this Australian fabric.  It really is perfect though, as her flight from New Zealand first went to Australia before continuing on to Los Angeles.
OK, this one has nothing to do with her trip.  She really like this fabric.  Its a pale blue and white pin-stripe with little pink flowers.  Doesn't show up too well in the photo.  click on the picture and you should be able to see a close-up.   As a surprise, I am looking for additional fabrics that will be meaningful to her. 
Pattern used for the Boxer Shorts is from Kwik Sew # 1672

Last week I mentioned that I was working on a hat for myself.  I am a bit mystified by this yarn, 'Satin' by Bernat.  Using the exact same pattern, number of stitches and needles, the plain colour hat weighs 65 grams when complete and the variegated weighs 80 grams.  How can this be.  I used every last inch of the variegated to finish this hat and had to use about 14 inches of cream from another project to cast off.  The plain ball when new weighs 100 grams and is 163 yards.  I had 35 grams left over.  The variegated ball weighs 80 grams and is 130 yards.  They are exactly the same when I do the math, yet it took so much more yarn to make the variegated hat.  All I can imagine is that the variegated yarn is actually the slightest bit thicker and I used more as I knit.  Both hats appear to be the same size when I lay them together.  In the future, if I make a variegated one, I'll use a solid colour yarn for the first six rows of ribbing.

If you want details on how I enlarged the pattern from the one on the ball band, check my post from last Tuesday.

Enough knitting, I really am sewing this year.  Not knitting, sewing.  I figure that if I say this enough times I will start believing it and it will happen.  I have 14 more pairs of boxer shorts to finish and then some shirts for my son, and then probably a few pillow cases.  I made a pillow case for one of the young ladies at fencing and in exchange she is making me a pair of earrings.  I am curious what she will come up with.  I'll share with you when she has them ready.

Better go now.  Today is the day that I am starting my running program.  eeks.  It's wet and cold and icky outside so I have decided that I will run around and around my block. 


Anonymous said...

Those boxers are absolutely adorable. I never thought of sewing boxers at home. Well, I'm not really a sewer at all but my niece is and I think I'm going to ask her to make some for my daughter. And I love the colors in your hat, they just make me happy.

Dorte H said...

Theme boxer shorts - wow, that´s fun!