Thursday, 20 January 2011

Recipe Thursday - Afghan Biscuits New Zealand Style

My niece turned me on to these amazingly easy to make cookies.  These are a very traditional and popular biscuit in New Zealand.  You will find them in all the coffee shops.  I am going to do my very best to make them popular in my circle of friends.  Well, they call them biscuits in New Zealand, where as a cookie would be a two layer one with icing in the middle (hope I finally got that correct).

I say easy, because there are only five ingredients in the batter.  They are not your typical over sweet treat, just a mere half cup of sugar.  Butter, sugar, cocoa and flour, and then some corn flakes.  Yes, breakfast cereal.  Don't crunch it down when measuring, use the big flakes.

Top with melted chocolate chips mixed with a little vegetable shortening.  This will set up nicely.  The chocolate, cream and butter called for in the recipe will always remain a little soft.  We bought mint chocolate chips by accident and turned out to be a great discovery.  Then top with a piece of walnut.  Don't be tempted to skip the chocolate topping, this is a very important part.  Remember, the cookies themselves don't have very much sugar, you need the sweetness of the chocolate.

note: 200 grams of butter is two tablespoons less than one cup
180C oven temperature is basically 350F

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Ann Summerville said...

These look delicious.

Barb said...

Oh my goodness...those are evil evil evil.......but look sooooo yummy. Did you take the calories out of them?

Felicity Grace Terry said...

The addition of cornflakes sounds yummy. Don't be tempted to skip the chocolate topping - as if I'd ever dream of such a thing.

Anonymous said...

They look really tasty ,all the best stu

Beth F said...

LOL -- yeah, I'm going to skip the chocolate-nut topping. Ha!

These look fabulous.

caite said...

chocolate on chocolate..and a have my attention!

Marie said...

These look awesome! Thanks for posting the recipe.

Chinoiseries said...

Sooo tempted to go and bake these right now! I have a sudden craving for chocolate... and what a pleasant surprise, cornflakes?