Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Needlework Tuesday - It's a mixed bag this week

I couldn't settle down to just one project at a time this week.  A little knitting, thoughts of embroidery and even a bit of sewing. 

Last week, Marie at Daisy's Book Journal, joined me for Needlework Tuesday.  She mentioned that she wanted to knit socks.  I immediately sent her a note telling her that I had been wanting to do the same, and would join her in the challenge.

I have chosen Patons Stretch Socks yarn and a free pattern from their website.  Lace Ankle Socks.  I do believe that you need to be a member to view the pattern.  These socks will be for myself.

I am currently working on a shawl for myself.  I am ball eight and the last one.  It's Gedifra Rubens.  You can click the name to visit the website, it is written in German.

I am knitting a simple triangular shawl.  I started with four stitches and increase one stitch at each end on each right side row.  I am currently around 170 stitches.  The final ball will probably knit about ten rows.  Hope to have a photo for you next week.

Curious story.  Many of my regular readers already know that I love orange.  I was at the craft store and they had a whole bunch of balls of just this colour on clearance.  At first I purchased four balls and took them home to ponder.  Once I started knitting I quickly realized that I would need additional balls.  The rest of the balls were still there even though more than several weeks had passed since I was first there.  I can't imagine why this colour variation wasn't more popular, it has such a gorgeous combination of colours ranging from red, orange, golds and even green.
 At the same store I selected a package of two pillowcases to embroider.  I haven't pulled the threads yet to see if I like the suggested colours.  Will show them when I get to that point. 

I really do like have embroidered cases.  They somehow manage to warm the room up and make me feel more comfy. 
 Last week I told you that my mother was visiting.  She was so busy with her sewing.  She managed to stitch up about 25 string blocks. 

This is what they look like before trimming. 
This photo shows that she has used a nine inch square of paper to stitch them.  I really does help to deal with all the bias edges. 

Note: it is important when trimming the blocks to size, that you don't follow the line of the paper.  With the heat of pressing the size of the paper can change slightly and distort.  I used a large square up ruler to cut.
This block was trimmed to nine inches.  The plan is for the final quilt to use 30 of these blocks.  I hope to have a photo of the finished top, though it is a quilt for charity, so it might be given away before I get to my mother's house.

This week I want to sew. I want to sit at my sewing machine and finish up a few more pairs of boxer shorts.  The fabrics are such fun that they make me smile when I work on them.  Also, I need to finish some for a particular hubby who will be having his birthday shortly....

Be sure to visit Marie's blog and view her choice of yarn for her socks, then leave a comment of encouragement.


Linda said...

Hope you have better luck with your socks than I did. Love the yarn you chose. Your Mum`s string blocks are awesome.

Marie said...

Great yarn selection for the socks.

I adore the orange yarn for the shawl. I can't wait to see it finished!

Your mother's quilt blocks look lovely, too.

Both of you have been busy.

Anonymous said...

You have the prettiest yarns and fabrics. Sadly, the knitting and sewing gene skipped me all together. All my knitting turns into triangles, incredibly loose at one end, incredibly tight at the other. Have you ever heard of Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe? He does a very funny piece on a boy knitting a Christmas present for his sister that makes me laugh because I can relate to the lack of skill.

Luckily I have a Grandmother-in-law who quilts and a sister who knits so I'm covered but I am envious of anyone with the skill for this art. Please post pictures of the outcome of your lovely materials.