Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Needlework Tuesday - Fun in the Sewing Room

Lots of activitiy this past week.  It's been quite a while since I made it to my sewing room every day.  Having a deadline helps.   In Friday's post, I reviewed the novel Scribbling Women by Marthe Jocelyn as well as unveiled the quilt that it has inspired.  At that point, the appliques were not stitched down, they were merely sitting on the quilt top.  NOw I have stitched the cup and saucer and all those yummy looking chocolates.

Cheryl, from Grandma Coco's Designs is the first to send me a contribution to the quilt.  I have added a simple fabric boarder at this point.  I plan to use some glittery embroidery thread to add some sparkle to the snow flakes.

I am curious to see what other conversations will spring up around this quilt frame.
 My mystery quilt is progressing nicely.  I have all the basic units completed and most are even trimmed.  Gayle has posted the final layout over at Gayle Bong Quilts To....  I'm looking forward to putting this up on the design wall and deciding whether to go with all the stars the same or to mix the two style together.
Terrific surprise last Friday.  I know, it was April's Fool Day, but it was also good.  I had a package delivered.  I fully expected it was for hubby as it was consistant in size to what he often receives.  Better, it was a prize for me that I had won from a contest hosted by Susan at Susan's Texas Quilting Adventures.   My friend Elly at Mad4Patchwork had suggested I go and visit Susan's blog and enter her contest.  Having not visited there previously, I thought it might be interesting.  What a surprise to win.  It is comprised of 30 fq's from Kaffe Fassett's Paisly Collection from Westminster Fabrics.  I haven't the slightest idea what I will use them for, but it will certainly be fun imagining.
My sushi sock contest has been such a hit that I decided to add some additional prizes.  It took some searching, but I found my sushi fabric and did some sewing.  The second prize will be the fabric bag with red ribbon drawstrings and the third prize will be the postcard that I made, also using the fabric.  I'll be drawing the winners later today and will post tomorrow.  Good luck to all who entered (contest now closed).

Time to check in with the other Needlework Tuesday participants.

Marie at Daisy's Book Journal has been working at a cross stitch pattern that uses a technique called Cross-Crochet, which she described last week.

Rikki at Rikki's Teleidoscope completed her balcony curtains and continues to work on her blue shawl.

Have you been working on a needlework project that you want to share with your online friends? Join us here each Tuesday for fun and encouragement.


Grandma Coco said...

Glitter on the snowflakes will be fabulous!

Rikki said...

What a neat surprise to receive such a great prize. I love the bag and the postcard you made from the sushi fabric.

Dorte H said...

Gorgeous chocolates! I am not really a chocolate lover, but those quilted ones are delicious.