Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Needlework Tuesday - Sob Sob, nothing to report

Oh dear, I really don't have much to report at all this week.  I started out great with some embroidery and then it kind of fizzled.  I started checking stores for one of those lamps with a magnifying lens.  Thought it might make it easier to see the threads for the embroidery.  Well, I did find a few ranging in price from a mere $15. all up to $200. plus.  eeks.  I just want to do a wee bit of stitching.  So, I will keep my eyes open and check further, but won't get all hung up on a lamp.  Not as though I would use it every day or something.

Then last Tuesday hubby came home with a Blackberry Playbook for me.  He knew I had been searching for an ebook reader.  I was kind of disappointed with what I had looked at so far.  They seemed to be already behind the times.  I wanted something that would be able to hold it's own as the ebooks evolve.  I just know they can't stay at they are, mere imitations of printed books.  That doesn't hold much attraction beyond the novelty.  They have to be ready for the merging of Internet and print.  I want to immediately be able to look at the location the author is describing, I want to see a picture of the food that the chef in the story just pulled out of the oven etc.  That rather distracted me from my stitching.  Later in the week I plan to post a review of the first book I read on my Playbook and comments on reading on this device.

I do have some additional submissions for the quilt and will be working on getting them on fabric, adding borders and embellishments this week.  I should have some good pictures by next Tuesday.

Hope that you all had a more productive week in the stitching department.  Leave me a comment and link of what you have been up to and I'll gladly share it with my needlework visitors.

Tami at Just One More Thing has a gorgeous quilt that she has pulled out of storage and is going to finish up.  You really must visit with her and view this project.

There are fun things happening over at Lit and Laundry.  A new reindeer oranament has been started and you really must check out the comments on  Knit Your Own Royal Wedding.  A very fanciful book.

Grandma Coco at The Kingdom of Coco is making good progress on her knitting themed quilt.


Tami said...

Some weeks just work out that way. And if you're going to be distracted from stitching, books are the way to go! I've never even heard of a Blackberry Playbook. Now I have to check it out.

Drop by and see my progress on quilting. www.tdreads.blogspot.com

Grandma Coco said...

I don't think I've ever done anything worthwhile that went in a straight line from beginning to end. There are always distractions and detours.

I seem to flit from project to project. Today, I completed another component for my knitting themed quilt...which definitely needs a better name. :)


Threeundertwo said...

I've just got a little ornament I'm working on today.

Gina said...

Oh I'm sure you'll have a better run of luck next week. Time seems to be playing havoc with everyone here recently. ^_^