Friday, 22 April 2011

Wake by Lisa McMann

I had requested this one from my library for my daughter to listen to.  When she didn't load it onto her ipod, I decided that I would listen to it instead.  Good choice.  This story had me caught from the start and didn't let me go.

Since she was young, high school student Janie has been drawn into others dreams.  She doesn't want to be there, but she has no choice.  It's not something that happens only when she is asleep, but also when she is wide awake.  Janie must find some way of dealing with this if she is to lead any sort of normal life.

Cabel seems to be offering her helping hand, but he has enough problems of his own.  Everyone knows that he has trouble with the law and Janie definitely doesn't want to be involved with that.

I totally enjoyed this story.  At first I didn't understand where these flashbacks of Janie as a young girl were going, but that was cleared up pretty quickly.  We learn very little about Janie's mother, other than she drinks, in fact she drinks a lot.  I wonder whether her mother also is drawn into other people's dreams and that she uses the alcohol to blot them out.  Perhaps I'll learn more in the next book. 

This is the first part in a three book series.  Fade and Gone and the following titles.  I have already requested Fade from my library, again as an audio book.

The audio version that I listened to is  unabridged and runs for 4 hours 24 minutes.  It was read by Ellen Grafton.

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Anonymous said...

It's Cabel, not Caleb.

Heather said...

Thanks for the correction, don't know how I missed that one.