Friday, 27 May 2011

You Can't Outsource Weight Loss #3 - Are those truly Hunger Pains?

Tuesday was a bad day.  I just couldn't seem to get rid of those hunger pains.  First thing I do when my tummy starts to growl is drink a good cup of water and then ignore my stomach for fifteen or twenty minutes.  That didn't work, so I figured I might actually be hungry.  I mentally reviewed what I had eaten, and it did seem feasible.  So I had a Zone Bar.  My son eats these regularly.  These  bars are about 200 calories.  Should take care of the hunger monster.  It didn't.

I drank more water.  Am I dehydrated?  Nope, still painful.  I ate a bit of bread.  No help.  I was talking this over with my son as we were in the process of doing some errands.  Finally he turns to me and says: "Mom, lactose."  I am currently having trouble with lactose.  This is a new symptom.  As soon as I got home I chewed some digestive enzyme tablets and started walking around.  I find that walking helps get the gas moving and then I feel better.  Once the gas all passed the pains went away.  Not hungry after all.

Thanks to The Stellar Path for the image of the Hungry Monster.

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